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Anti-Corruption in Asia Addressed by Leaders in Industry and Government

2018-12-11 13:06 Tuesday

Duxes held the 7th Anti-Corruption Compliance Asia Pacific Summit 2018 on December 6-7 in Hong Kong, offering a platform for delegates from corporate compliance departments, law and consulting firms, NGOs, and government authorities, to exchange views on the regional anti-corruption enforcement environment, and optimal compliance practices.


The first day of the event featured firsthand testimony on the anti-corruption landscape across Asia. Policymakers from the Philippines, Hong Kong, and the United Nations detailed initiatives to combat corruption through engagement with the private sector, enforcement trends, and compliance strategies. A panel discussion gathering legal experts and corporate representatives followed up with in-depth exchange on investigative trends and the overall enforcement environment.

Additional presentations addressed third party risk management, compliance for sovereign wealth funds, procedures for minimizing whistleblower risk, and managing cross-border investigations. The final day continued with content on corruption risks present in cross-border mergers and acquisitions, enforcing compliance procedures for third parties, the ISO 37001:2016-Anti-Bribery Management System, internal audits, data analytics, and methods for assessing a compliance program.

The 7th Anti-Corruption Compliance Asia Pacific Summit 2018 followed on the success of Duxes' anti-corruption event series, educating a diverse group of delegates, representing anti-corruption authorities, NGOs, financial institutions, law and consulting firms, and multinationals, on significant anti-corruption developments that have profound implications for doing business in Asia. Duxes would like to acknowledge the contributions of event partner TRACE and endorsers: IPBA and CIFA, toward an enriching summit.

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